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How will my resource types appear in the app?
How will my resource types appear in the app?

As an admin, see how your internal settings will affect the view of your resources in-app

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The user experience of booking resources in the app is customizable using the Resource Types page in your web dashboard. If you have yet to create a resource type, follow this FAQ. Afterward, you can assign a type by editing an existing resource from the Resources page in your web dashboard.

You have control over the first two essential pieces of the user booking experience: home screen buttons and the list style.

Home screen Buttons

Upon opening the app, you’ll see buttons at the top of the home screen indicating to search for ‘Desks' or ‘Rooms'; these are home screen buttons. The user will select these buttons and be taken to a new screen to continue the booking process.

Using resource types, you have the ability to customize and add new home screen buttons, as well as assign types to the same home screen buttons - all depending on your organization’s desired operations.

Example: Your organization currently has ten 3D printers available, and three cameras available to book. In this case, you may opt to create two types called ‘3D Printer’ and ‘Camera’, then assign your resources to their respective type. As you might want to house these similar items together for ease of booking, you may create a new home screen button titled ‘Tech Equipment’, which both types live under.

Resource List Style

As the next step of booking, users will be shown the available resources you have designed to fall under the home screen button. By creating and editing resource types, you also have the ability to choose between two designs to curate a seamless user experience: the Gallery View and List View.

The Gallery View

The Gallery View will showcase larger images of each resource, and provide a visual of the resource’s availability on a given day. This display is great if there are fewer resources in your type, so that you can feature your resources. However, if you have a longer list of resources with further categorization using booking groups, we’d recommend using the List view.

The List View

The List View will display your booking groups, and give users the ability to click into each to view either a longer list of available resources (if the Resource Selection type has been set to 'Specific') or to view the time slots available and book (if the Resource Selection type has been set to 'Non-Specific'). Read this FAQ to learn more about Specific and Non-Specific Resources.

Note: The order in which the Resources are listed is not customizable. Currently, Optix takes several factors such as availability, capacity, and price when it displays your resources.

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