The Payments page is designed to help inform you of the successful and failed transactions in your organization. To locate this page in your web dashboard, go to Invoices > Payments.

Under the 'status' column, you can see whether a payment has successfully been processed. By hovering over the 'succeeded' or 'failed' status of a payment, you can gather more information, such as:

  • Any error messages Optix has received from your payment gateway

  • Indications of the payment type (automatic, manual), or

  • Which invoice the payment is affiliated with

By clicking on a payment, you will be routed to the associated invoice, which includes information regarding the transaction history, the remaining balance, and the due date.

By adding filters like a date range, payment status, and payment method, you can sort through your transactions at a more granular level. This way, you can stay on top of your revenue stream, or notify users whose payments have failed.

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