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Why are some of my users' payments getting declined?
Why are some of my users' payments getting declined?

As an admin, learn how to investigate failed charges and read the error messages

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You might notice that, despite your users having a payment method in place, invoices have failed to process or charge a user. One way to check why this might be is to go into the failed invoice, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under ‘Transaction History', you will find a description of the attempted charge.

If you have Stripe enabled, you may see specific error messages in this section as well. Optix’s integration with Stripe automatically imports information directly into the transaction history of an invoice, providing more detail regarding card errors or declines. You can research the error codes in Stripe’s help center here, and specifically, Stripe decline codes here.

If you’re still having some trouble, feel free to reach out to Optix Support with any questions.

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