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How does Optix process payments and can I trigger a charge manually?
How does Optix process payments and can I trigger a charge manually?

As an admin, learn what Optix does when an invoice payment fails, and how to view transaction attempts for a particular invoice

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Reattempting payments

If you have a payment gateway integrated with Optix and have auto payments enabled, the system will attempt to process a failed payment four hours after the initial failed attempt. No subsequent attempts will be made.

If a payment fails a second time, you can either get the user to manually pay the invoice from within the app, or you can follow the steps below to trigger payment. The invoice must be in 'Due' or 'Overdue' status and the user/team must have a payment method attached to their account in order to charge manually.

To charge now for one invoice:

  1. Select Invoices from the left hand menu

  2. Click the more button (three vertical dots) next to the invoice you wish to charge 

  3. Click Charge now

To charge now for multiple invoices:

  1. Select the Invoices that you're looking to manually charge by ticking the check box beside the Invoice

  2. Click the Actions button

  3. Click Charge now

Note: When charging now on multiple invoices, there is no indication of which invoices have been added to the "charge now" queue and it might take some time to process all queued invoices.

Troubleshooting payment failures

From the Invoices screen, click on the invoice in question and scroll to the bottom of the screen to see a complete listing of all payment attempts. On this screen, you will be able to see:

  • Transaction date

  • Transaction description

  • Transaction amount

  • Transaction status 

The transaction status column will indicate if a transaction has been successful. If it has failed, the reason will be noted here. You and the relevant user will also receive an email notification for any payment failure.

Some of the most common reasons for a payment failure include:

  • Expired or invalid payment method

  • No credit available (limit reached)

  • The credit card company has declined the transaction

  • If the user recently added a credit card to their account and had multiple invoices for the same amount, the bank might decline a duplicate charge attempted on the same day (i.e. they have an overdue August invoice for $200 and a due September invoice for $200 and the September invoice was declined)

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