How do I cancel a repeat booking?

As an admin, learn how to cancel a single booking in a cycle or all future recurrences of the booking

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A repeat booking displays on the calendar in your web dashboard with a small 'repeat' symbol next to the booking. To delete a single booking in a repeat booking, or to delete all future recurrences:

  1. Click into the Schedule > List or Schedule > Calendar page from the left-hand menu of the web dashboard

  2. Click on the repeat booking you'd like to make changes to

  3. Once you click on the booking, click the 'trash icon' in the top right side of the slide-in screen

  4. You will be faced with the option to either 'Cancel this booking only' which will only edit that single booking, or 'Cancel all future bookings' which will make changes to all bookings that are repeating in that cycle. Choose an option

  5. Your dashboard will automatically update, and you should see a green box in the top right corner of your screen indicating the success of the action

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