Plan allowances refer to the amount of access you provide for users on a plan.

For example, if you allow a user 20 hours of desk booking a month, their allowance is 20 hours for the month. As they use their plan allowance (by creating bookings), Optix will keep track of their remaining usage. Once users have depleted their plan usage, they will pay for bookings based on the price specified in Resources. If you’ve set a discount in the plan your user is subscribed to, they will be charged a discounted rate for any future bookings until plan allowances reset.

For monthly plans, allowances reset on your organization billing date (viewable under Settings > Invoicing).

For plans on an annual billing cycle, allowance resets one year following the plan start date.

Interested in seeing a history of your plan including all invoice items? Click here to learn more about our Subscription Timeline feature.

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