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Can I filter my dashboard by location?
Can I filter my dashboard by location?

As an admin, learn how to filter your dashboard by a specific location and why it's useful

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Note: This functionality is only relevant to coworking businesses with more than one location (multi-location businesses).

Filtering your dashboard by location allows you to have more flexibility when viewing your dashboard and simplifies the dashboard experience. Some coworking businesses have admins that only manage one location, and having the ability to filter by that particular location makes it easier to manage location level functionality.

The global location filter allows you to only view users or teams at a specific location and their invoices, bookings, and more! The filter areas include: users, teams, schedule, bookings, invoices, community, and products.

How do you filter your dashboard?

  1. Click on the All Locations button in the top left corner under your profile photo.

  2. A drop-down will appear, and you can select either 'All locations' to filter your dashboard by all of your locations, or select the specific location you'd like to filter by.

In order to filter by location, you must set a primary location for your users or teams. To learn more about primary location and how to set or edit this for your users or teams, read this FAQ.

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