How do I update my location details?

As an admin, set your location details including name, address, contact information, photos, and opening hours

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Your organization details refer to your primary business in your dashboard, whereas location details refer to your separate business space(s). In this FAQ, we’ll be outlining your location details. To update these details navigate to Settings > Organization > Locations > [Location Name].

Below are the details you can update:

Location address:

  • Location name

  • Street address

  • Unit #

  • Neighbourhood

  • Directions on how to get to your location

Location contact details:

  • Primary Contact (this will be the location manager who receives messages sent using the 'Contact administrator' functionality in the app)

  • Phone number

  • General Email

  • Website


  • Location photos

  • Service hours

  • Welcome guide: Wi-fi name, password, and welcome message (this is what your users will see when they first login to the app)

  • Booking settings

  • Location amenities

  • Invoicing

Note: The hours specified as your opening hours will determine the default times during which resources are bookable. You can make certain resources available 24/7 when creating or editing the resource.

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