Note: This FAQ is only relevant to coworking businesses with more than one location (multi-location businesses).

What is a primary location?

A primary location is the main location a user or team works out of. The reason for setting a primary location for your users and teams is to make it easier for you to manage your multi-location business. Once you have a primary location set for your users or teams, you can filter your dashboard by location in order to preview users, teams, invoices, bookings, etc. that are relevant to that location.

How do I set or edit a primary location for a user?

Note: You can also set a primary location for a team using a similar process as outlined below on the Teams page.

To set or a edit a home location for a pre-existing user:

  1. Head to the Users tab in the left-hand menu
  2. Click on or search for the user you'd like to set a home location for. You can also select none if you wish to set no primary location.
  3. In the user side-panel, select Account and click Edit
  4. Update the primary location.


  • You can set the primary location when adding a new user/team to your venue.
  • When a team member is added, they inherit the primary location of that team.
  • A user or team can only have one primary location assigned to them.

How do I bulk set or edit the primary location for my users?

To bulk set or edit the primary location:

  1. Head to the Users tab in the left-hand menu
  2. Check the box next to 'Name' at the top of the users list to select all users
  3. In the blue bar that appears at the bottom, click Bulk edit > Primary location
  4. Set the primary location

Can users set a primary location themselves?

Not currently (This will be released in the next coming weeks). When released, the field for primary location will be shown during onboarding if you enable the setting to make a primary location required for your users. If you do not make it required, then only you as an admin can set the primary location.

Learn how to utilize the primary location and filter your dashboard by specific locations or 'all locations' by reading this FAQ.

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