Groups of individual users that belong to the same company or organization can be grouped together in to a team within Optix. Doing this will allow the team to have a single invoice for all of its members and will also allow you to assign plans, and any associated booking allowances, at the team level.

When you create a team, each team member will also be added to your Optix account as an individual user. This allows you to do a few things:

  • Have the user's direct contact and profile information in your admin dashboard
  • Message them directly
  • Add them to their own individual user plan, in addition to any team plans, should you wish to do so

This article covers:

  • Creating teams
  • Editing teams
  • The team admin role
  • Changing team admins 
  • Disabling teams

Creating a new team

The process for adding a team to your organization is very similar to adding an individual user.

  1. Click Users in the left-hand menu
  2. Select the Teams tab
  3. Click Add team 
  4. You will be prompted to give the team a name, designate a team admin, and add basic user details for the rest of the team members

Adding and removing team members

Adding and removing users from a team can also be done by the designated team admin through the app. To make these updates as an admin:

  1. Click Users in the left-hand menu
  2. Select the Teams tab
  3. Click on the team you would like to edit 
  4. Scroll down and select the Members section on the right-hand side panel 
  5. To add a user click Add Member. To remove a user click the more button (three vertical dots) and then Remove
  6. Alternatively, you can add an existing user to a team by selecting Add user from the team's 'more' menu (the three dots) on the main Teams page.

    Note: If the team has been assigned to a plan with individual usage (i.e. each member of the team has access to 30 hours of hot desk access per month), you'll need to manually add the new member(s) onto the plan immediately in order to ensure the new member has access to the plan and is reflected on the team's upcoming invoices.

    To learn how to adjust who on a team has access to a plan, click here.

    To learn more about the differences between 'individual usage' and 'shared usage' plans, click here.

Role of the team admin(s)

The team admin(s) are members of a team who are responsible for managing details on behalf of the team. This role is distinct from being an organization administrator.

Team admins will be able to:

  • Add or remove team members
  • Input payment details to pay for invoices
  • Approve pending plan requests (if you require this when assigning a plan)

Editing team admins

At any time, you can change or add an additional team administrator

  1. Click Users in the left-hand menu
  2. Select the Teams tab
  3. Click the team for which you wish to make the change
  4. In the side panel, click in to Members
  5. Click the more button (three vertical dots) next to the user you wish to designate as the team admin
  6. Click Make admin (if you wish to remove someone as admin, you can use the Revoke admin option)

Disabling the teams feature

If you do not wish to have teams at your organization, you can disable the feature

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu, then Teams
  2. Click disable
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