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How does credit work in Optix?
How does credit work in Optix?

As a User, learn more about how credits are created and applied to your invoices

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Credits appear on your invoices as a negative amount, which can be applied to payments on other invoices with an outstanding amount.

Credits can be created in instances such as:

  • When a booking you paid for gets cancelled

  • Your Plan is cancelled part way through the billing period

  • An administrator provides you with a credit manually

You will not be charged for credits and they will remain under your account until it's fully applied to other outstanding payments. Please note that credits will only be applied once upcoming invoices are finalized.

Note: An 'Overdue' credit invoice indicates that it hasn't been fully used by the due date. Leftover amounts will continue to be depleted by outstanding charges on future invoices until it's completely used.

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