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How do I enable background App Refresh?
How do I enable background App Refresh?

As a user, learn how to enable background app refresh, and understand when you might need to do this

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If your organization has bluetooth beacons deployed in the space, background App Refresh is an important part of the analytics component of Optix. Even while your app is closed and your phone is on standby, your phone is providing important workspace management data to Optix through the low power beacons.

Note: The app is designed to minimize its impact on your battery life, even when Background App Refresh is enabled.

Background App Refresh can be turned on manually by following these steps:

Platform: iOS

  1. From your device's home screen, navigate to Settings

  2. Select General

  3. Select Background App Refresh

  4. Ensure Background App Refresh is 'on' (meaning the top of your Background App Refresh menu matches the screenshot below)

  5. Find your organization’s app and make sure you've set Background App Refresh for your organization's app to 'on'

Platform: Android

  1. Navigate to Settings on your phone

  2. Select Apps & notifications

  3. Tap the name of your organzation's app

  4. Tap on the data usage section

  5. Toggle 'Background data' to on

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