When will I be billed?

As a User, learn how and when you will be billed

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If you join or are added as an Optix User partway through your organization's billing cycle, you may receive a prorated invoice on the date your Plan is activated. This first Invoice will cover the days between the day you join and the starting date of the next occurrence of the regular billing cycle. This is dependent on your organization's billing preferences. They may also choose to start your billing on the same day as your Plan. In this case, you will not receive a prorated Invoice.

Depending on your organization's billing preferences, you may also be charged in small amounts (i.e. for bookings, purchases from the marketplace, Passes...etc) or the accumulation of all the charges once a month on the billing date.

Your recurring billing date is also determined by your organization's admin. Many organizations select the 1st of the month as the start of the billing cycle. Please contact your organization administrator to check the billing cycle for the organization.

If your organization administrator has enabled auto payments, charges will be automatically triggered on the Invoice due date. 

Your organization administrator may choose to have a notification sent to all Users before their recurring Invoice is due. To verify whether or not this notification is in place, please contact your organization administrator.

Note: Due to increased authentication, your transaction may take longer to process. Any Invoices marked as 'processing' are working to verify your payment, and may take some time before updating to 'paid'.

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