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Can I re-enrol a User in a new version of an automation?
Can I re-enrol a User in a new version of an automation?

As an Admin, learn if it is possible to re-enroll Users into a newer version of an Automation.

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Once an Automation is set live and a User is enrolled in the Automation, it is not currently possible to move that User into newer versions. While this feature may seem helpful in some circumstances, re-enrolments can cause complications very quickly depending on things like delays, new conditions, or new triggers.

Here is an example:

  1. An Admin has created the initial version of an Automation using the 'New Active User' trigger, which includes 6 automated emails to enrolled Users, sending over a period of 3 months (ie. twice per month).

  2. 60 days into the Automation being live, the Admin makes changes to the Automation, and now the new version (V2) only includes 3 emails over a period of 3 months.

Within this scenario, if re-enrolments, or if switching currently enrolled Users into a newer version was possible, some Users may have received 3 emails, while some will have only received 1 or 2. Knowing which is the "next" email to send to each User becomes impossible to Automate.

In addition, if the text of the emails or messages within an Automation have significantly changed, the experience for the end User may seem disjointed and confusing based on how far they may have made it through the Automation.

Note: If you update an Automation and would like to update the version that some Users may already be enrolled into, please reach out through the chat box in your Optix dashboard for support. Our team may be able to support you in manually adjusting Users' enrolled versions.

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