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How do I search, sort and filter my Marketplace sales?
How do I search, sort and filter my Marketplace sales?

As an admin, learn how to refine learn your user Marketplace sales using search, sort and filtering

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Using the search bar at the top of the 'Sales' screen you can search for the sales of your interest by the name of the User, Sale item, or sale number.


You can sort your Marketplace sales list using any of the columns that display on the 'Sales' table. To sort on a particular value, simply click the column header. Clicking it again will reverse the order. For instance, if you click on the 'Date' column, you can filter by the most recently purchased sales item to the earliest.


You can filter using the following criteria. These options are shown at the top of the 'Sales' screen.

Product tag: Filter to only display items by their tags, which you use to categorize your Marketplace items into collections.

Payment status: Filter only by its payment status such as Due, Overdue, and Paid. You can leverage this option to filter by items that haven't been paid yet to follow up with the Users for payments.

Sale date: Filter to only display sale items that have been purchased on a specific date or a range of dates.

Labels: Filter to only display the specific labels that you've created for your Marketplace items.

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