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How do I search, sort and filter my user list in Optix?
How do I search, sort and filter my user list in Optix?

As an admin, learn how to refine your user list using search, sorting and filtering

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Using the search bar at the top of the 'Users' screen you can search by first name, last name or team.


You can sort your user list using any of the columns that display on the 'Users' table. To sort on a particular value, simply click the column header. Clicking it again will reverse the order. 


You can filter using the following criteria. These options are shown at the top of the 'Users' screen.

User status: Filter to only show either 'active', 'pending', and/or 'unconfirmed' users on your account. Unconfirmed Users are those who have started but not completed the self-registration process.

Plan: Filter to only show users on a specific plan

Permissions: Filter to only show users who have denied their Optix app access to their phone's Bluetooth and/or Location Services, potentially affecting the accuracy of your analytics and presence data and preventing people from being automatically checked-in

Device: Filter to only show users on Android, iOS, or users who haven’t yet downloaded your workplace app onto their mobile phone

Payment: The payment filter gives you the chance to filter by two variables. You can filter to show only users who have (or don’t have) a payment method attached to their account, and/or users who have auto-payments on or off. This will bring up a number of filters, as well as a search bar. 

Invoices: You can now filter your User list based on Users who have due or overdue invoices. This gives you the opportunity to get an overview of any Users who are behind on payments.

Source: You can filter users by the source of how they were added to your organization. The sources included are: Walk-in, Drop-in booking, Admin, Web onboarding, User app, Tour, and Unknown (users that were added in the past with an unknown source).

More Filters: You will also be able to sort your user list based on any custom properties that you have configured as 'Single Option' or 'Multiple Options'.

To send a message to your refined list of users, simply click the checkbox at the top of the table to select all and then select Message All from the blue menu bar at the bottom of your screen.

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