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How do I create a collection and display it in the app?
How do I create a collection and display it in the app?

As an admin, learn how to bundle items together in your app for users to browse through

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Collections are groups of products that you’d like to make available for purchase in the mobile app.

For example: A collection may be named ‘Office supplies’ with the ability to group products such as: pens, paper, and staples, together using tags. These collections display under the Marketplace section of the mobile app, and are also available to feature on the home screen of the app.

1. Select Marketplace from the left-hand menu, and click Collections.

2. Click Add collection to add a new collection.

3. Add a collection name, description, and image.

4. Make the collection public by enabling the 'Make collection public' toggle.

5. Choose to feature the collection on the mobile app homescreen by enabling the 'Show on mobile app homescreen' toggle. Typically this is used for products you want to feature for a specific reason, ie. the product is new, popular, etc.

5. For multi-location businesses only: Choose to display your collections at all locations, or a specific location.

6. Include products using tags. In order to categorize your products into collections, you’ll use tags. This defines which products will be included in the collection.

  • Select 'Any tag' to include products with at least one of the tags specified.

  • Select 'All tags' to include products that match ALL of the specified tags.

7. Group your products within a collection. Tags not only allow you to create collections, but they can also allow you to group items within a collection.

For example: If you have a 'Cafe' collection, you may want to group items by 'Coffee', 'Treats', and 'Other beverages'.

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