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How do I add a Pass to my account?
How do I add a Pass to my account?

As a user, learn how to add a Pass to your account within the app

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Passes are designed to be packages of access and/or Allowance for Bookings, Check-ins and/or Product purchases that you can purchase.

Add a Pass

You can add a new Pass to your account by going to the Allowance section on the mobile app.

  1. Click the More Icon on the bottom right of the navigation bar

  2. Scroll down to Allowance in the list

  3. Click on Get allowance under Buy allowance

  4. Scroll through the available Passes to find the Pass of your interest

  5. Once you've found the Pass, click on Details

  6. Once you've reviewed what is included in the Pass, tap Buy now

  7. You'll see that the allowance from the Pass has been added to your balance in the Allowance page

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