About this report


See a breakdown of the revenue at your organization by type. Each line represents a different type of revenue, with each type stacked on top of one another. Get more granular by filtering by date range, frequency, and primary location. This chart includes all revenue recorded, regardless of whether the invoice has been paid or not.

Interacting with the report

You can interact with the report in two ways:

1. Filter the report to get more granular with the data. The filters are located above the report and allow you to customize the date range, frequency, and primary location.

2. Hover over the report to see exact numbers. For this report, hovering over the line chart allows you to see the exact revenue of each type selected below the graph (with the check boxes) for each given date on the x-axis.

Exporting the report

To export the report, you can click the Export button at the top right of the report and select from either an XLS file or a CSV file. Once you select an option, the report will download immediately to your computer.

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