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What can I expect during my Optix trial?
What can I expect during my Optix trial?

Here is what you can expect from your free trial at Optix.

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We are excited to embark on the journey of evaluating Optix with you!

How do I start my free trial?

To start your free trial, book a free demo with our sales team. On the call, we’ll learn about your business objectives and needs, as well as walk you through the Optix admin dashboard and mobile user experience. During the demo, we will provide you with access to your free trial.

What can I expect during my free trial?

During your 14-day trial period, you and your team will get a chance to dive in and explore all of the features of Optix. Optix’s free trial does not require a credit card to initiate.

What resources are available during my free trial?

During your trial, you’ll have access to the Optix admin dashboard as well as the Optix mobile app. In addition to the Optix platform, you’ll also have access to a suite of resources to support your evaluation of the platform:

  • A customized in-dashboard checklist to help you and your team explore the platform and understand how Optix can enable you to automate your operations, engage your community, and grow your business

  • Dedicated support from your Account Executive

  • Unlimited support from our Customer Success team via in-dashboard chat

  • How-to’s and best practices via our blog and eBooks

  • FAQs, learning videos, and step-by-step guides available in our Help Centre

  • Access to a Facebook community of coworking experts and industry leaders

  • And more!

How do I sign up for Optix after my free trial expires?

You can sign up right from your dashboard!

  1. Log-in to your dashboard

  2. Navigate to the top-left-hand corner of the dashboard and click 'Sign up'

  3. From here, you'll be able to select your Optix subscription and proceed with your payment. Once we’ve received your sign-up confirmation, you will be introduced to your dedicated Customer Success Manager

Don't have a trial account yet? No problem, book a free demo with our sales team and we will help you get started!

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