Credit is any invoice line item with a negative amount. If the total balance of an invoice is negative, then that invoice can be used as payment for other invoices for the same user/team. This is known in invoicing terms as a 'credit note'.

How is credit generated? 

Credit can be manually generated by a venue manager or in some cases, is automatically created by the system. Credit is automatically generated by Optix when a user or team has paid for a plan or booking and subsequently cancelled. 

You are able to set whether you’d like Optix to generate a credit when a user or team’s plan is cancelled mid billing-cycle. Upon cancelling the plan mid-billing cycle, you will be able to view the credit amount that will be added to the user’s pending invoice for the unused period on their plan. To disable this feature:

  1. Click Settings in the left hand menu
  2. Navigate to Features and click the three dot menu on the Plans feature 
  3. Click View Settings 
  4. Toggle the setting ‘Automatically create refunds for unused periods when cancelling, or changing plan subscription date’ off

How is credit applied to an invoice? 

 Credit is automatically applied to any invoices with a positive balance, when a negative balance invoice is finalized. 

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