This article covers pricing for Optix coworking clients. For information on enterprise pricing, contact your account executive or inquire with our team at

Base subscription fee

For coworking clients, the base subscription fee is $199 USD / month. This includes all Optix functionality and up to 50 active users.

Variable user fees

For organizations with more than 50 active members, a charge of $2 USD per additional user is added to your monthly invoice, in addition to the base subscription cost.


75 active members

50 are included in the base subscription cost

The variable user fees will amount to (75 - 50) x $2 = $50

Additional Venues

Optix supports multiple venues within a single organization. Each additional venue carries a monthly charge of $99 USD. User count is shared among all venues.

To add additional venues, contact us at or by using the in dashboard chat widget.

Payment integration fees

You can integrate with our preferred payment provider Stripe (credit cards only) at no additional cost.

All other payment gateways/processors carry a $50 USD / month unlocking fee that is added to the cost of your Optix subscription. This includes the connection with Stripe (including bank accounts).

Optix has no involvement with or control over the processing fees (typically expressed as a percentage of a transaction value) charged by your payment processor.

One time app development fees

If your organization has opted to have a custom branded app, a one time app development fee of $499 USD will be charged at the time your apps are published to the app stores.

Are there any other costs associated with my Optix subscription?

Optix does not collect any fees other than those outlined above. Some of the applications that connect to Optix via integration (either directly or via Zapier) have their own pricing structures. Inquire directly with the relevant providers to find out more.

Visit the the Optix pricing page to help estimate your costs!

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