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How do I migrate my payment gateway from Stripe (inc. US/CAN bank accounts) to Stripe?
How do I migrate my payment gateway from Stripe (inc. US/CAN bank accounts) to Stripe?
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The integration titled 'Stripe (inc. US/CAN banks)' will be retiring on May 31st, 2024.

Follow the steps below to move your payment gateway over to the Stripe gateway to unlock more opportunities for your members! Please be aware of the tips and warnings in the coloured boxes below.

Note: The new Stripe gateway also includes ACH capability, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more benefits for your members!

In Optix:

1. Select Apps & Integrations from the left-hand menu​

2. Scroll down and click Stripe (inc. US Bank Accounts)

3. Click Uninstall

4. Return to the Apps & Integrations page and select Stripe

5. Click Install

6. Continue to select the Stripe account you'd like to integrate with. This should be the same account that you had previously installed

7. Follow any authorization or verification steps as required by your Stripe and computer settings

8. In Settings > Installed apps > Stripe, configure all 'Recurring' and 'Manual' payment method settings of interest to your business. These may include direct banking, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and any other international entity

Note: If would like to start accepting Apple and/or Google pay, follow this FAQ to ensure you have also enabled these options in your Stripe settings.

Note: If you are currently accepting ACH as a method from your Users, you must turn on the regional bank account option prior to completing the steps below.

9. On the same page, under Import users section, click Import

10. Select Do not create users unless you would like to add non-Optix users currently in your Stripe account into your Optix dashboard

Note: If you are not in silent mode, adding new Users from Stripe to your Optix dashboard will trigger a 'Welcome email'

11. The default for all Users' payment method will be their 'User account'. If a User is in a team, you will have the option to add their payment method to their team account instead of their personal User account

Note: If you have not enabled the regional bank account option in the previous section, you will not see your Users' with banking information stored in Stripe. Please refer back to step 8 if you are missing any Users' on your import list.

12. Once you have adjusted any team payment methods, select Import now

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