The integration titled 'Stripe (including bank accounts)' allows your users to pay with methods other than credit card, including ACH (bank account/direct debit).

Note: ACH capability through Stripe is only available for US based Stripe clients at this time. You can learn more about accepting ACH payments through Stripe here.

In Stripe:

  1. Log in to your Stripe account

  2. Click Payments on the left hand menu, then click Settings

  3. Enable ACH payments 

  4. Click Developers from the left hand menu, then click API Keys

  5. Make note of your 'Secret key' as you will need to input this in Optix when activating the integration

In Optix:

  1. Select Apps from the left-hand menu

  2. Scroll down and click Stripe (inc. US Bank Accounts)

  3. Click Install

  4. Input the 'Secret key' retrieved from your Stripe account in the 'Secret API Key' field and click Save

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