If you find that something within your web dashboard or one of your mobile apps doesn't seem to be working, first see if your question is answered somewhere in the Help Center.

If you can't find an answer, or think you've found something that's not functioning as intended, please reach out to Optix Support through the in-dashboard chat or at support@optixapp.com. In your message, please include as much detail as possible so that we can resolve your issue in a timely manner. This includes:

  • Is this a problem in the dashboard, iOS app, or Android app?

  • Who experienced this problem (i.e. name of the impacted user(s) or team(s))?

  • Any relevant screenshots 

  • Is this the first time you're discovering the issue or is it recurring?

  • What type of device was being used (for app issues only)?

From there, we'll be able to field your request and work towards a solution together.

Reporting app issues directly from iOS devices

If you detect a bug in the iOS app, you can report it directly to the Optix team by taking a screenshot or shaking your device with the app open.

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