Booking on behalf of a user in the admin dashboard for drop-in or one-time meeting/ conference room bookings allows you to collect payment immediately.

To create an upfront room booking and collect payment immediately:

  1. Log into your subdomain

  2. Select Schedule from the left-hand menu

  3. To the right of the calendar, select the room you'd like to book

  4. Click Create in the top right corner to create a new booking; or, select a time in the calendar to book the room on behalf of the user

    Note: Clicking and dragging your mouse down before releasing allows you to select a specific range of time.

  5. Enter the user's name or an existing user within your Optix account or Add a new user

    Note: If you add a new user, they'll receive an email welcoming them to download your mobile app, where they can register their account, review their invoices, etc.

  6. Under 'Payment methods' dropdown menu, select Single payment.

  7. Select a payment method. If there isn't a payment method already linked to the user's account (this will be the case if you have just added them as a new user), then select Add a payment method

  8. Enter their payment information, then click Continue

  9. The user will receive an email notifying them of the charge
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