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Can I use automations to email Leads?

Learn how to message Leads and Unconfirmed Users with Automations.

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Yes, you can set up a very simple and easy Automation to email any new Leads that are added to your Optix dashboard.

How to build an Automation to email Leads

Go to Automations:

  1. Click on the Automations tab on the left-hand side of your Optix web dashboard

  2. Click on Add Automation

Configure your Trigger:

  1. Select User added from the Edit Trigger menu

  2. Change the "Only continue if..." filters to these parameters:

    1. Account Type

    2. Is

    3. Lead

  3. Click Continue in the top-right corner

Configure your Action:

  1. Click on Choose an action

  2. Click on Send an email from the action menu

  3. Choose a Subject

  4. Enter the Body of the email

  5. Configure any other relevant settings on this menu, as you see fit

  6. Click Continue in the top-right corner

Completed workflow:

Your completed Automation workflow should look like this:

Adding additional actions:

If you would like to add additional actions after the Send email action, feel free to click on the " + " symbol at the bottom, and choose an additional action to configure.

NOTE: We do not recommend selecting the "Send a message" action, unless you are sure that the source of your Leads is the app itself. The majority of Leads will be generated from tour bookings or your Web Widgets, in which case the "Send an email" action is the best way to reach them.

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