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How do I export my Users' booking allowance usage?
How do I export my Users' booking allowance usage?

As an admin , learn how to export a report on your Users' allowance history on bookings

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Optix enables you to export a report on your users' allowance usage on bookings so that you can better understand and track your users' booking and allowance usage history.

Note: You must have the Data Exporter app installed in your dashboard to export the Allowance Usage report. Click here to learn more about how to install the Data Exporter app.

  1. Click on Data Exporter from the left-hand menu

  2. Click on Bookings report

  3. Filter by the location and time frame of your interest

  4. Select which columns you'd like to see on this allowance usage report. However, to see all the information on the allowance history select the following:

    1. Unlimited allowance

    2. Allowance value

    3. Allowance

  5. Once you've selected all the columns of your interest, click Download

To learn more about other data you can export from Optix, click here.


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