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How can I promote my Resources using QR codes?
How can I promote my Resources using QR codes?

As an admin, learn how to promote your Resources using QR codes

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You can make booking Resources easy for your Users by printing or digitally displaying QR codes directly on the Resource itself! Commonly used on the corners of desks or meeting room doors, Users can scan your Resources' QR codes with their phone camera to book the Resource in-app. You can also customize QR codes to include your organization's logo.

  1. Click on Resources

  2. Select All Resources

  3. Click on the Resource of interest

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Resource page to find its QR Code

  5. If you're happy with the QR code, click Download. If you'd like to customize it first, click Customize to add your logo and colour.

Note: If a User doesn’t have the app yet, they’ll be prompted to download it before being able to book the Resource.

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