As an admin, you have a few options when deciding to hide or show resources to your users.

By making resources ‘Bookable by Administrators only’, you are able to hide resources from your users' workplace mobile app. This way, you will have control over the schedule of bookings and who has access. More on that here.

You can also make resources unbookable to all if they’re currently under renovation and unavailable for use, but you anticipate listing this resource again in the future. If resources are unbookable, no user or admin can book this resource.

To edit the ability to book resource(s), in Resources, select the boxes next the resource(s) you wish to update. From the bottom blue menu, select Bulk Edit and Bookable. From the pop-up, choose to enable or disable this feature. For a single resource, click in to the resource to edit. Under the 'Booking section, disable the toggle labeled 'Bookable by the hour'.

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