When you assign a team or a user to a plan, monthly recurring invoices will be automatically generated. However, if you need to create a manual, one-time invoice for a user or team, you can follow these steps:

1. Select Users from the left-hand menu

2. Locate and click on the user or team (click on Teams if you're searching for a team)

3. Click the more button (three dots) in the top corner of the side panel

4. Click on Create invoice 

5. Select the billing date for the invoice, and a blank invoice will be created

6. To create a line item, click Add charge or credit

7.. Type in a description, quantity, cost per unit (before tax), and the tax rate for the service

8. Click Add to add the service or discount onto the invoice

Note: You can also use the 'discount' tab to create a manual refund receipt for a user. Ensure you make this clear in the 'Description' field.

9. Continue to click Add charge or credit to add any additional line items

10. When you're satisfied, click Send invoice at the top

Note: If the invoice was set to be due today, the user will receive an email right away notifying them of the invoice and be able to pay for it immediately. If the invoice is due in the future, the user will receive an email notifying them, but they won't yet be able to pay for it.

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