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Using Automations to send custom instructions to Members and Leads
Using Automations to send custom instructions to Members and Leads

As an Admin, learn how to use Automations to send custom instructions for any Members with bookings or Leads visiting your space.

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You can easily send custom instructions to Members and Leads using Automations. Information you may want to send includes:

  • Overall details about your coworking location

  • Specific information about a Resources a Member has booked

  • Instructions or itineraries to Leads who have booked a tour

  • Any other information you may need to send!

Scenario: Custom Instructions for a Specific Resource

Example: ABC Coworking Company has a large space, has multiple areas devoted to Hot Desks, and the Resource Group called "Hot Desk Group B" has a separate WiFi networks from the rest of the space. Also, this Resource Group has specific clean-up requirements for Members when they are done working there for the day.

Here is how ABC Coworking's Admin could use Automations to set up custom instructions that automatically send to any Member that books a Hot Desk Group B Resource:

  1. Go to the Automations tab

  2. Click on Add Automation

  3. Click on the Start from scratch

  4. Select New Resource booking in the Edit Trigger menu

  5. Adjust the conditional settings:

    1. Only continue if...

      1. Resource Type

      2. Is

      3. Hot Desk Group B

  6. Click Continue

  7. Click Choose an action to edit your next step

  8. Select Send a message

  9. Edit the Message with your specific instructions:

  10. Click Continue

Tip: We strongly recommend using the Personalization Data to customize each message for each unique Member who books a Resource (ie. First name, Resource name, etc.). Check out this article to learn more about Personalization Data

The final version of the Automation will look like this:

Note: Don't forget to give your Automation a name!
โ€‹(ie. "Hot Desk Group B - Custom Instructions")

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