How do I enable the Visitor Management App?

As an admin, learn how to enable the visitor/guest management feature in your dashboard

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Note: The Visitor Management app is a paid feature for Essential, Pro and Grow subscriptions.

How do I enable the Visitor Management feature in my dashboard?

To install and enable the Visitor Management feature in your dashboard:

  1. Click on Apps & Integrations on the left-hand menu

  2. Search for 'Visitor Management' and click Install

  3. Click Configure OR navigate to Settings > Installed apps > Visitor Management

How do I set up the Visitor Management App from my dashboard?

Once you've installed and enabled the Visitor Management App, customize the App and Connect to a device:

  1. Customize the theme of your User check-in experience (i.e. brand colour, welcome message, font...etc)

  2. Customize the check-in option (decide whether you'd like to accept deliveries, require Users to agree to terms, include a QR code for touchless check-in...etc)

  3. Connect a device by clicking on Devices > 'Add Display'. If you have multiple locations, select a location and scan the QR code with a tablet. Once you scan the QR code, and go through the steps outlined on the device.

Tip: If you're connecting the Visitor Management App to a tablet, you could consider enabling a screen lock feature. For instance, for an iPad, enable Guided Access to prevent the Visitors from being able to exit the Check-In page.

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