The event calendar lives on the home screen of your workplace app and is a great way to showcase and promote upcoming events happening in your venue and broader community. Upcoming events will be showcased in both a list and calendar view. 

Install the events app 

  1. Navigate to ‘Apps’ on the left-hand menu and click ‘Find new apps’
  2. Select the Events app and click Install

Note: To find a newly installed app, navigate to ‘Apps’ and click ‘Manager Apps’ 

Create an event

  1. Click ‘Events’ item on the left hand menu
  2. Click the ‘+’ button 
  3. Add your event link and select your event location 
  4. Click ‘Save’

Note: Accepted event platforms include Eventbrite, Facebook, All Events, Eventful, and more. 

Update an event

The events in your event calendar will update automatically when you update you update the event on the event platform (i.e. Eventbrite) that you are hosting the event on.  

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