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What is an Enrolment?

Learn what an Enrolment is within the context of Automations.

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Enrolment refers to the process of adding Users or Teams to an Automation in your dashboard. Users are enrolled in your Automations either (1) automatically when they meet the conditions defined in the automation or (2) manually, if you create an Automation that uses a Manual trigger.

Enrolments typically involve:

  1. Triggering Events: Enrolment often begins with a triggering event, such as a new User signing up for Plan, a new Lead booking a tour, a Resource being booked, etc.

  2. Criteria: Users and Teams may be enrolled based on certain criteria or conditions, which you can edit in the area of the Trigger labeled "Only continue if..."

  3. Automated actions: Once enrolled, the Users and Teams will go through a series of predefined automated actions. These actions can include sending emails messages, to the User/Team, but can also include other actions, such as creating a task for the Admin, or changing a User's status on the Optix dashboard.

  4. Personalization: Many aspects of these automated workflows can be personalized based on specific personalization data. These personalizations ensure that the automated actions are relevant and tailored to the individual User/Team's situation. For example:

    1. Including a new User's first name in the subject line of an email to them

    2. Including their sign-up date in the body of the email.

  5. Tracking and Analysis: The Optix dashboard tracks each Automation that you create, so that you can easily see how many Users/Teams have been enrolled. This transparency helps you as you continue to refine and optimize your workflows over time.

Overall, the benefit of Users and Teams being enrolled in Automations is that you ensure they receive timely and relevant communication and actions from Optix.

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