How do I design my White Label App (WLA)?

Learn how to design your WLA all from the WLA builder in your Optix dashboard!

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Note: As creating an Apple Developer account and requesting a D-U-N-S number can take 2-4 weeks, we recommend that you prioritize the steps outlined in this FAQ prior to designing your WLA.

Once you have kicked off your Apple Developer account process, you're ready to start designing your WLA! To start designing your very own, White Labeled App, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings from the left-hand menu of your Optix dashboard

  2. Click Mobile app

  3. Click Get Started

  4. Navigate through the flow, adding the requested details to your app such as your app icon logo, name, descriptions and more

  5. Click Continue if you are ready to proceed or Save for Later if you want to come back to your design

  6. Once you have submitted your design, you're ready to complete your Authorization step. For more information on preparing your Apple Developer account and adding Optix to your Apple Developer account, click here.

Note: Please ensure to submit high-resolution images in the design step. We recommend using images that are 500 x 500 pixels or larger, or .svg image files

Note: Apple and Google will not publish your app if your app isn't ready for public use (i.e. Apple reviewers see placeholder or demo data such as ‘test’ or ‘lorem ipsum’).

To avoid having your app declined by Apple, please ensure you upload five high-quality images with your survey and have your resources set up in your Optix account.

Note: The use of 3rd party content is prohibited by Apple unless you have written consent from the original owner. This includes uses of 3rd party workspace images, naming after celebrities, etc.

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