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How can I restrict my Users from making bookings with unpaid Invoices?
How can I restrict my Users from making bookings with unpaid Invoices?

As an admin, learn how to restrict user access to your app when they have unpaid invoices

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You may want to require your Users to pay for their Invoice immediately when they add a Plan to their account, book a resource, or make purchases. The following configuration ensures that your Users only gain access to your space once payments have been made.

To restrict Users with unpaid invoices from accessing your app:

  1. Click on Settings from the left-hand menu

  2. Select Features then Invoicing

  3. Click on Invoice policy

  4. Under 'Choose when to invoice additional charges', select On a new invoice, due today

  5. Under 'Choose how long before invoices become overdue', select immediately overdue

  6. Under 'Overdue invoice policy' enable the Block actions when Users have overdue invoices toggle

  7. Optionally, you may want to enable the All new users will have auto-pay switched on option under 'Payment policy' and set the Require payment methods option under 'User onboarding' as Always required. This ensures that the payments are processed automatically when a User has an outstanding invoice.

Note: Even if the payment option is set to ‘Invoice due today’, there will be a 3-hour waiting period after invoices are created, and a 1-hour waiting period after each consecutive change to the invoice.

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