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How do I end or remove a perk?

As an admin, learn how to end or remove a Perk from your dashboard

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After you've installed the Perks app to your Optix dashboard and created your first Perk, you may want to change the status of your Perk.

There are three Perk statuses:

  1. Active: All users can see the Perk. If they pass the conditions you’ve set (if applicable), then they will be able to redeem it

  2. Ended - Users that redeemed the Perk can still see it, but users that have not will not see it

  3. Hidden - No users can see the Perk whether they redeemed it or not

Follow the steps below to change the status of your Perk:

  1. Navigate to the Perk you’d like to edit

  2. Click the three dot menu on the right hand side

  3. Change the status of the Perk

Note: The perks feature is only available when subscribed to a Pro, Grow or Scale plan. For more detailed information, visit our pricing page.

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