How do I create a Perk in Optix?

As an admin, learn how to create a Perk in your dashboard

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Note: The perks feature is only available when subscribed to a Pro, Grow or Scale plan. For more detailed information, visit our pricing page.

The Perks app is great if you're looking for ways to create vouchers or discounts at your organization. First, install the Perks app on your Optix dashboard, and you can begin creating perks available to your users. Follow the steps below to create and promote your first perk:

  1. Click Perks in the left-hand menu

  2. Click Add perk

  3. Select whether you’d like to have multiple unique promo codes (i.e. each user gets their own unique code), or one single reusable code and/or link (i.e. 10STARBUCKS can be used by multiple users to get 10% off at Starbucks)

  4. Include the details of your perk including what you’d like it to be called and a description of perk. These fields will be displayed to the user

  5. If using multiple unique promo codes, upload your list of codes (Pro tip: Use a promo code generator tool to create your codes)

  6. If using a single reusable code, add the code and if you’d like a website link for users to be directed to to use this code. You can also just include a code (and no website link) or just a website link (and no code)

  7. Set any conditions of who this code gets revealed to (if applicable). You’ll be able to specify that a user must not have an overdue invoice and/or must be on an active plan in order to see the perk

  8. Click Save and your perk will be marked as active and appear in your user app

Note: Perks cannot be used for bookings or purchases in-app at this time.

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