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How do I set up the Ezeep integration with Optix?
How do I set up the Ezeep integration with Optix?

As an admin, learn how to link Ezeep, a printing integration, with Optix

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What is Ezeep?
Ezeep is a cloud printing management solution that allows your users to print to the printers in your workplace and through the integration with Optix have those print charges appear on their Optix invoice. 

What You'll Need
To get started with Ezeep in Optix you'll need an active Optix account as well as an active Ezeep account. To use Ezeep, you'll also need a PC (Mac is not supported).

Ezeep has created a video tutorial to walk you through the set up steps below, click here to view the video.

Installing & Signing Into Ezeep

Installing the Ezeep Integration
Installing Ezeep in Optix is easy, follow these steps to get going!

  1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations > Find New Apps in your admin dashboard

  2. Scroll down until you see the Ezeep Application

  3. Click on the icon and select Install from the modal that pops up

  4. Email with the email your Ezeep account is under and a request to 'set the account to post-paid' to finalize the Ezeep integration on their end. 

Signing into Ezeep
Now that you have the Ezeep application installed let's sign in with your existing Ezeep account. 

  1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations > Find and find Ezeep on the list

  2. Click the blue Configure button on the right

  3. Click Connect Account and input your Ezeep credentials

Configuring Ezeep

Some of the configuration will take place in Ezeep while some will happen in Optix. 

Ezeep Groups are linked to Plans in Optix, this means that when you assign a plan to a user, they will automatically be assigned an Ezeep printing group which will provide them with the printing permissions set in that Ezeep Group. 

You will need to create an Ezeep Group and then assign that Group a Policy within Ezeep. The Policy dictates what printing permissions that Group has. 

Once you have your Groups and Policies setup in Ezeep you can map your Ezeep Group to an Optix Plan.

To do this navigate to Apps > Manage Apps > Configure on the Ezeep card.

Inside of Optix you can select the Optix plan you want to map to the Ezeep Group. You'll see your Optix plans populated on the left and your existing Ezeep Groups populate on the right. Simply align them to build the connection.

Above the mapping section you'll see additional options:

  • Default Group - the Ezeep Group that your Optix users will be put into if they are not in a plan or not in a plan associated with an Ezeep Group. This is a catch-all, that does not rely on plans to work. 

  • Add printing costs from Ezeep to Optix invoices - select if you want printing costs to be automatically added to a user or team's pending invoice, found in the user panel under invoices.

  • Add printing costs to team invoices for users in teams - select if you want a users printing costs to go to their team invoice, if that user is on a team, otherwise the user will be responsible for those printing costs.

  • Remove Optix users from Ezeep that are not on a mapped plan - this will remove users from your Ezeep account if they are not associated with a plan that is mapped to an Ezeep group. 

Note: Currently, the Ezeep integration with Optix does not support quotas. Printing costs will only be added to Optix invoices when the user has no quotas associated.

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