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What are the default Automations included in my subscription?
What are the default Automations included in my subscription?

Learn about which Automations are included in all Optix subscriptions, and how you can use these to maximize communication with your members

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There are 4 default Automations that are auto-loaded into your Automations tab on Optix:

  1. New plan email

  2. Invoice paid email

  3. New booking email

  4. New active users welcome email

These Automation cover some of the most active areas of your dashboard, giving you a great introduction to the power of automation and helping you understand how you could use and leverage it before adding more advanced features to your collection.

Note: These 4 Automations represent standard workflows and email functions that have historically not been visible to Optix admins. Within the new Automations feature, you are now able to edit these Automations to better suit your needs.

Customizing the default Automations to maximize Member communication

Example: As an Admin, I would like to alter the "New active user welcome email" automated workflow to be specifically-tailored to our coworking community, and how our flex space it set up.

How can I do this within Optix Automations?

  1. Click on the Automations tab

  2. Click on the New active user welcome email Automation

  3. Click on the Pencil icon to edit

  4. Click on Edit automation

  5. Click on the Send email step to edit the step

  6. Make the desired edits on the "Send email" edit window

  7. Click Done in the top right corner of the edit window

  8. Click Save in the top right corner of the Automation canvas to save your Automation

  9. Add version notes to "Save new version" page, and click Confirm

Note: we recommend adding detail to your Version notes, to help you in the future if you need to review the changes made over time.

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