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How is credit applied to an invoice?
How is credit applied to an invoice?

As an admin, learn how to turn automatic credit creation on and off in your dashboard

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Credit can be manually generated by an admin or in some cases, is automatically created by Optix. Credit is automatically generated by Optix when a user or team when a plan or booking is cancelled. When credit is automatically generated in Optix, the credit line item will always be added to the User’s or Team’s pending invoice.

Credit will be indicated by a negative amount reflected on the invoice. Any credit generated can be attributed to a future invoice to help pay for the charges due.

Note: Optix does not handle refunds. If a credit is created for a user that they don’t intend on applying to a future invoice, you will have to go into your payment gateway and manually refund their account.

Credit can either be automatically applied to an invoice or can be applied manually by an administrator.

To turn the automatic application of credit setting on or off:

  1. Click Settings in the left-hand menu

  2. Click Features

  3. Select Invoicing

  4. Click Invoice Policy

  5. Select 'Automatically use available credit to pay off newly finalized invoices' under Control if/when credit is applied to other invoices

  6. Click Save Changes

Note: This setting does not affect credit applications when manually finalizing invoices.

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