Yes! We love referrals. To refer a space, visit our referral page. 

For each coworking space that signs up, you'll both be rewarded with $199 USD off your next invoice!

Is there a limit to how many spaces I can refer?

No, there is no limit. For each converted referral, you will receive a $199 USD credit towards your next Optix invoice.

When will I receive my referral credit?

A $199 USD credit will be applied to your Optix account within 35 days of the referred organization becoming an Optix customer. The referred organization will also receive a $199 USD credit, which will be applied to their second month's invoice.

What if someone else refers the same space?

In the event that there are multiple referrers for the same coworking space, the referral credit will be given to the first referrer.

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