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Can I refer another coworking space to Optix?
Can I refer another coworking space to Optix?

Learn how to refer another space and save on an upcoming Optix invoice, and the Terms and Conditions of the referral program

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Yes! For each coworking space that signs up, you'll both be rewarded with $199 USD off your next invoice! See terms and conditions below.

To kickstart the referral process, please ask the referee to book a demo with our team here.

Is there a limit to how many spaces I can refer?

No, there is no limit. For each converted referral, you will receive a $199 USD credit towards your next Optix invoice.

When will I receive my referral credit?

A $199 USD credit will be applied to your Optix account within 35 days of the referred organization becoming an Optix customer. The referred organization will also receive a $199 USD credit, which will be applied to their second month's invoice.

What if someone else refers the same space?

In the event that there are multiple referrers for the same coworking space, the referral credit will be given to the first referrer.

Optix Referral Terms and Conditions

Last updated: June 20, 2018

Sharedesk Global, Inc. d/b/a Optix (“Optix”) provides a software as a service technology platform (“Platform”) that empowers coworking spaces and enterprise organizations with tools to manage their workplace in the Platform (“Service”). Access to the Platform and the Services are provided through Optix’s website at (the “Website”) and the white-labelled Optix mobile app (“App”).

The Terms and Conditions below apply to Optix Referrals (“Referral”), the Optix customer making a referral (“Referrer”), and the Optix customer receiving the referral (“Referee”) upon signing up to Optix. In addition to the Terms included below, any applicable terms included in the Optix SaaS Subscription Services Agreement also apply.


1.1 Who the Referral is for. The Referral has been created for use by:

i) Current Optix customers (“Referrer”)

ii) Prospective customers that have signed up to Optix due to a Referral (“Referee”)

1.2 How a Referral is made. The Referral is made by the Referrer completing this form


2.1 How the Referral is processed. Once the Referral is made, the Referee needs to sign up to a paid Optix subscription and 35 days must pass. Once the 35 days have passed:

i) The Referrer will receive a $199 USD credit, which will be applied to their upcoming invoice

ii) The Referee will receive a $199 USD credit, which will be applied to their upcoming invoice

2.2. Exceptions to a Referral being processed. Optix will use at its discretion, the power to refuse to process a Referral if the following applies:

i) The Referrer has a business or financial interest in the Referee

ii) The Referral was not made prior to the Referee starting a free trial and/or subscription to Optix


3.1 Multiple Referrers. In the event that there are multiple Referrers for a single Referee, the Referral will be processed for the first Referrer in the event that the Referee subscribes to Optix

3.2 Limit of Referrals. There is no limit to the number of Referrals a Referrer can make

3.3 Monitoring and Enforcement. We have the right to:

i) Revoke or refuse to process a Referral for any or no reason in our sole discretion

ii) Take any action with respect to any Referral that we deem necessary or appropriate in our sole discretion

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