Optix provides you with the complete set of tools needed to run your shared office space in one place, through features such as: 

  • White-labeled mobile app (iOS and Android): Let members book resources, connect, and manage their account, all in your own branded mobile app

  • Room and desk booking: Delight your members with one-tap, instant bookings

  • Custom plans: Create tailored membership plans and set resource access privileges to new and existing members

  • Web user sign-up: Allow new users to register, select a plan, and pay their initial invoice all from your website

  • Drop-in bookings: Allow prospective members to book meetings rooms and desks from your website and pay on the spot
  • Analytics and reporting: Understand member usage, activity, and location utilization
  • Issue reporting: Members can report issues with a few taps. You get notified instantly, in one place

  • Invoicing and payments: Accept payments and keep track of your members' invoices

  • Support desk: Track conversations and respond to support requests in a simple messaging system

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