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How do I record a refund from an invoice?
How do I record a refund from an invoice?

As an admin, learn how to mark invoices as refunded in Optix

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Note: The 'add a refund button' will only appear on a new invoice with a balance owing, this allows you to record that the amount owed has been paid out.

Similar to recording a payment, you can record a refund on a new invoice with a balance owing. This is used to record that the amount owed to the member has been reimbursed, this option only appears on a new invoice that has a Credit or Balance remaining.

To record a refund, open the invoice in question and locate the 'coins' icons in the top right corner:

Prior to adding a refund to an invoice with a balance owing you can see the remaining credit.

Just like adding a payment, you can enter the amount refunded as well as a note.

The final amount owing is adjusted and the transaction history is at the bottom of the invoice along with the note entered.

You will now see that no balance is owed on the invoice from the Invoices page. This indicates that the refund has been paid or that it has been used in another invoice. If you had only refunded a portion of the balance owing, the balance would reflect this as well.

Note: Optix does not handle refunds. If a credit is deleted from a user’s invoice, you will have to go into your payment gateway and manually refund their account for the amount of credit created.

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