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How do I assign dedicated desks in Optix?
How do I assign dedicated desks in Optix?

As an admin, learn how to create Plans to attribute desks to Users

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To manage Plan and desk Assignments in Optix you will need to first create a Plan, and then define a custom User property which will be used to track which space has been assigned to a particular User or team.

Note: If you have only a small number of dedicated desks, you can alternatively create a unique Plan for each one of these spaces.

Manage and track private office Assignments

To manage and track private office Assignments, we suggest the following approach that involves using Plans and custom properties.

1. Create a unique Plan for each kind of Dedicated Desk you're offering. You do not need to create a Plan for each individual desk, but rather create a Plan for each class or style of desk.
For example: you might have 3 small desks, 2 medium desks and 2 large desks with each size carrying its own cost. In this case, you should create a Plan for each size (3 Plans in total)

2. When creating the Plan, use an 'Hourly Bookings' access type with an 'Unlimited' access grant to 'Any Private Office'.

Note: You can use the 'Any Dedicated Desk' designation for all versions of the Plan as we will assign a specific desk in Step 3 below. The price specified for the Plan is what will be charged, the price you specified when creating the resource is irrelevant in this scenario.

3. Create a custom User property called 'Desk Assignment'. Make sure to select Field Type of 'Single Option' to ensure you are able to filter by this property on the User's list.

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