Void a credit on a pending invoice

The below video will show you how to Balance the pending invoice so that when you generate a finalized invoice with these two items the credit will not be applied to an existing, open invoice. 

In this scenario, we have assigned a plan to the user and now have cancelled the plan, the system wants to refund the portion that was pro-rated, however since we added and cancelled the plan in in the same day, the user has not paid for that portion at all, therefor the credit is in error. 

By balancing the pending invoice (adding a charge to bring the total to $0) we will be able to safely move the charge off the pending invoice and not have that erroneous credit applied to another due or upcoming invoice.

Failing to add the charge to balance the invoice will result in the credit to be applied instantly to the user or teams existing due or upcoming invoice. 

Void a charge on a pending invoice

The process to void a charge would be the same, however since the value is a positive number not a negative you do not need to worry about that credit being applied to an existing due or upcoming invoice.

Therefore you can simply use the Charge Early feature as demonstrated in the video to charge at a future date (ensure you future date the charge so that auto-payments to not kick in) and then void that finalized invoice with the charge you do not want.

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