New charges for a user or team will appear on a Pending invoice. 

This includes:

  • Pro-rated charges for a new plan assignment.
  • Next months charge for a plan.
  • Deposits or Setup Fees included during plan assignment. 
  • Charges for room bookings (normal or overage).

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Below is an example of how adding a new plan assignment will show up on a pending invoice. 

The plan is assigned with a deposit and a setup fee. 

The Pending invoice now has four charges:

  1. The pro-rated charge from today's date to the end of the billing period. 
  2. The plan Deposit we entered while assigning the plan.
  3. The plan Set Up Fee we entered while assigning the plan
  4. The full month charge for the next billing period.

These items will show up on the next billing date, which in this case is September 1st, indicated by Will be created and Due date in the Pending invoice. 

Since you may want to charge today for the pro-rated portion, as well as the deposit and set up fee, you can use the Charge Early feature to create an invoice due today for just these items. 

Using the Charge Early feature will let you select the due date for the invoice you will create. Making it due today will create a Due invoice, making it due at a future date will generate an Upcoming invoice. 

Then you can select the items you want to charge for today, in this case we'll select the pro-rated cost, deposit and set up fee; leaving the next months fee to automatically generate on September 1st. 

Now you'll be shown a preview of the invoice you are about to create, clicking finalize will generate the invoice and lock it, the preview is your last chance to go back and make changes or cancel the whole operation. 

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