Pending invoices are a preview of a user or teams next invoice. 

Where do I access individual pending invoices? 

Pending invoices are accessible via the users details tab from the Users panel. 



Pending invoices will not be displayed in under the Invoices screen as they don’t have an invoice number and they are subject to change. They are not finalized until the billing date. 

Once a Pending Invoice is due, it will automatically move to the Invoice screen and be converted into a Due Invoice. 

Can I edit a pending invoice? 

Yes! You are able to edit a pending invoice by adding a custom line item for one-time charges, discounts or other incidentals. 

 Note: System generated charges cannot be changed as the system uses them to ensure plans/bookings have been accurately accounted for. If you’d like, you can create additional line items to balance the amounts. 


How do I view all of my pending invoices?

 You are able to export a CSV report all of your pending invoice items using the Data Exporter App.


How do I charge early for items on a pending invoice? 

 Some or all items on a Pending invoice can be charged for early with the Charge Early button located at the top right of the Pending invoice




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