With this feature you can enable Optix to create an invoice that is due today for additional charges from your members. We call this right-now-invoicing.


A member has a plan that gives them 10 hours of room bookings and they have gone over their allowance today by 2 hours. With this feature turned on, that member will receive an invoice that is due today for the additional 2 hours at the rooms standard rate (minus any plan discounts). 

Enabling "right-now-invoicing"

  1. From your Otpix admin dashboard click Settings
  2. Click Payments (you will need to have your payment gateway enabled to see these options)
  3. From this screen you will see the option and it's drop-down section for 'Apply any additional charges' (see the screenshot below)
  4. Select 'On a new invoice, due today'

Recommend Settings

To fully realize the benefit of this feature it is advantageous to require users to enter a credit card when they sign up, you can enable this in the same place with the toggle above the drop-down menu. (see the screenshot above)

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